Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Been Working.

I know. My blog idea has never been a success. I always forget to write. I think half of my brain is too lazy to even think of what to write. Blogging was supposed to help me get better in writing!

So, from next Monday (being 5% OCD, I like to start something new on Mondays), I'll try to write at least twice a month. I've been working for 8 months and learned a lot.

I'd like to share those experiences; the parents I've met, the a-holes I've taught, controlling my temper, how sweet some people can be, and of course, office politics.

Being a semi adult can be a bore. My life is so structured, so dry, so blah. I want to be a teenager again! Where I can go out as I please, sleep all day, go for dates, hang out with friends, gossip...

But I love teaching. It makes me want to be better. Know more. Give more. I just need to start doing it. Have a commitment for action.

I can. And I will!

Starting from next week, of course.

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