Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Defense Mechanism

It means when you do certain things to cope with reality to maintain self-image. At least that's what Google said. I'd like to share an experience of a rather odd defense mechanism.

Last week after work, a certain someone and I went for an ice-cream treat. Later on we drove aimlessly just because and ended up in a funfair. It was drizzling and the place looked dead despite the colourful lights. Only a few souls were seen. I looked at him shyly. He smiled and took out few cash and parked the car :D

We won prizes which was not worth the money spent, screamed when the balls did not match the colour picked, watched excited kids getting all big-eyed; and then I saw it.

A mini ferris wheel. You know how in movies, all the best moments happen in ferris wheels? I wanted that.

Once we came near, I realized how ancient this thing was. The capsule looked more like a cage with scraped paint. The electric motor had to be warmed-up first. When it started to rotate, there was a clangor of metal chains.

I was so excited. We were reenacting a scene from old movies. How sweet.

Into the capsule we sat and with some pulls from the metal chains, up we went in a rotating manner. The scene was running through my mind and I can't wait to experience it first hand!

Then I heard soft continuous laughter. My certain someone was laughing softly and continuously without any reason. A bit disappointed with my failed reenact, I asked,

'Why are you laughing?'
*soft chuckle* Scared.
'What do you mean, scared?'

'Scared..takut..tahu takut?' *laughs*

'Of what?'

'The ferris wheel.' *laughs some more*

'Why didn't you tell me?'

*laughs* I feel like we're in that stupid movie, Final Destination'

-metal chain sound getting louder-

*MORE laughs**buries face in hands*

I looked at him. I've never seen anyone happier out of fear and my lips curved into a slow smile. The ferris wheel made abrupt stops (maybe cos the small motor wasn't strong enough) and he laughed even harder. I had to join laughing with him.

For the whole three minutes, everytime the capsule swings or the metal chain made clunking noise or even when the ferris wheel stopped rotating and shook from the strong wind, we laughed till I got stomach cramps. I felt happy.

My certain someone was so stupid but I was happy laughing at him and us. Then it hit me, how cool it was that you can still laugh even when you're feeling scared. It just totally changes the mood. I wish I could kill cocroaches while laughing.

Next time, I'll try laughing everytime I feel scared to go out of my comfort zone. He finished the ferris wheel ride and got a stomach exercise. Hopefully when I laugh, I get through my fears too.

What do you want to do when you're scared?


June Malik said...

apsal tak name the certain someone? hehehe .. anyway i wouldnt have gone up cos takut benda tu fall over lol .. but yeah i can imagine u guys lol and hey we did laugh when it come to cockroaches but after , when we sit and talk about it hihi ..

box of verb said...

same thing happened to me on this ride in i-city. walaupun laughing with fear, me and my sister sempat amik gambar while saying "uummmoommmyyy... mommmmy... aaaarghhh... hahahahahahahahaaa... i scared... mommy... don't pusing the steering, later we fall..." <- that was hilarious! lets overcome our fears together.. something to tell our kids (if i ter-kahwin lah kan) about how the special relationship we have has been unconditional and full of surprises! :)